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new new moon promo stills

new new moon promo stills that got released today.
Tks to twilight poison

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new new moon promo stills 05

new new moon promo stills that got released today.
Tks to twilight poison

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okaiexz. am completely almost done wit gossip girl only 3 episodes left to watch..so excited to c the last episode b/c chuck and blair finally get together...or so i heard...hehehehehe..XD

only watch the show for chuck and blair..XD

episodes 23-25 left..

and for others news...the new shows on the CW this fall........

iam sooooo excited for the vampire diaries...i neva read the books, buh i probally will. i fell in love wit the preview..as soon as i watch one episode im sure that i will fall in the love wit the series. the happened wit meh and twilight i watched the movie and then decided to read all the books..hehehehe..so yah.

the other shows dont look too good buh i'll just check dem out b/c they mite be awesome..anyways OTH(one tree hill) is gonna suck so aint watching that anymore, not that it doesnt already sucks...mostly b/c chad and hilarie r quitting the show..i mean of course if the the two main characters r out..the show wont be as good...so whteva..XP

case closed season 5

i just got case closed season 5 two days ago...so excited..XD
and finally the introduction of kazuha...harley's love interest...XD

never get tired of dis show..

star trek 2009 film

i just seen the new star trek movie..
i gotta saw it was awesome..i loved it...so funny too.
i love chris pine..he was awesome...

catching up

just started catching up on some of the tv show that i have missed since i dont have cable anymore so downloading dem....

1. the best years
2. gossip girl
3. 90210

the best years 03/08
gossip girl 08/25
90210 07/24

the best years

gossip girl

omg. chuck and blair r sooooo hot..

the twilight saga

watched the movie and got hooked...
just finished reading the twilight saga..
yes. yes. i got like everybody else..worth reading..
am excited for the sequel to come out...

so in love wit edward....oh edward..

so happie for why why love=)

summary: Love was the last thing poor girl Tong Jia Di needed or wanted in her life. But, at one of her many part-time jobs, her life was exchanged for love through a raffle ticket. She was introduced to two brothers with extremely different personalities.

i can't wait to see why why love. so excited. rainie and mike in another drama to gether. a dream come true. dis drama looks really good. here are some pics and fan creations i found: